About us

At Helm we represent class and modesty. Fitness is not about being vain and self obsessed, it's about feeling good, feeling happier and being able to help others. We believe in working together as one big community. Wear Helm and represent our values. 

Founded in 2017 by Brad and Leon, Helm began as just a small idea with big plans. Leon has a background in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and Brad has always felt that there is a gap in the market for good quality sportswear at a decent price.

Ashley is the third member of our team who joined Brad and Leon shortly after they formed Helm. With the same vision and drive he was the perfect fit to make it a trio. Also coming from a fitness background it bolsters up the team to help deliver this vision. 

Six months of sourcing our products, many (interesting!) clothing samples and 3am lightbulb moments down the line, we are now making our big launch to bring our vision to you: we offer not only a fitness clothing brand which has been engineered with our specially blended materials, but to really get to know our followers and provide you with personalised fitness regimes and food plans.